Teachers for Mike Andrade

Mike Andrade will fight hard every day for our teachers and children.

Mike, like many Hoosiers, understands the sacrifices and hard work teachers go through to educate our children. When Mike is elected, he will work to ensure teachers receive the compensation they deserve for educating our children. Mike will be an advocate for our children and will be a champion of public education.

Mike will do this by co-sponsoring legislation that will take funds from the State’s current 2.3-billion-dollar surplus and give all Indiana public school teachers the raise they deserve.

Mike supports HB-1158 sponsored by Rep Ryan Hatfield (D). It would set the base pay of all Indiana teachers to $50,000. Mike supports this bill and different variations of any bill that would raise teacher’s salaries. When elected, Mike will work with local and state teachers’ unions to ensure our teachers get the pay and resources they deserve.

– Introduce legislation to give our teachers the pay they deserve
– Work with our teachers’ unions to give teachers a voice in the State House
– Repeal unnecessary Professional Growth Plan requirements for teacher licensure

Education Endorsements

aft indiana endorses mike andrade
indiana state teachers association endorses mike andrade
Patrick O'Rourke endorses Mike Andrade