Mike Andrade’s Platform for District 12


Greater, Respectable Pay

We entrust our teachers with our precious children for most of their adolescent lives. For all of their hard work, they deserve more of our support. Mike Andrade will work to ensure our cherished teachers feel appreciated and valued by working to provide them with proper compensation for their decades of committed service to our communities’ next generation.

mike andrade working for our teachers

First Responders

Equitable Retirement Plan and Appropriate Funding

When life takes a sudden, dramatic turn, we rely heavily on our first responders who are trained and ready at a moment’s notice to handle any situation. Mike Andrade will work tirelessly to get our first responders the appropriate funding they need to upgrade their old equipment to first-class, top of the line equipment and to hire and train more first responders for our growing communities. Mike Andrade will also work to ensure our first responders receive a respectable, equitable retirement plan for their honorable service to our families.

mike andrade working for our first responders

Small Business Owners

Training Programs to Help Owners Excel

Small business owners are what make up the backbone of our communities; they provide many job opportunities as well as fabulous products and services that shape and define our communities. Mike Andrade will work hard to provide local business owners with access to complimentary workshops as well as a network of mentors and experts in grants, startup funding, marketing, business finances, taxes, and more to help them succeed.

mike andrade working for our small businesses


Mental Health Services, Job & Housing Opportunities

District 12 has many beloved veterans who have served our country to help preserve the very freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis. Mike Andrade will work tirelessly to help our veterans get properly acclimated back to society by working to provide proper access to mental health services as well as access to great paying, stable jobs and generous housing opportunities.

mike andrade working for our veterans

Senior Citizens

Proper Resources for Affordable Healthcare

Modern medicine is amazing! We’ve come a long way, and are incredibly blessed. Unfortunately, many senior citizens cannot afford these life-saving pharmaceutical drugs due to outrageous sticker prices. Mike Andrade will work to make healthcare more affordable and work to help our senior citizens get educated on the many resources available to them.

mike andrade working for our seniors

Unions and Working Families

Receive a Living Wage with Job Security

District 12 has many unions and hardworking families who make up the strong backbone of our caring communities. Mike Andrade will work to ensure our hardworking men and women receive an honest living wage with the security of knowing their jobs are protected.

mike andrade working for our working families

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