Who is Mike Andrade?

mike andrade working for our teachers
Mike Andrade is running for election to become your next Indiana State Representative to represent District 12 in Northwest Indiana. Vote early for Mike Andrade; the general election will be held on November 3rd. If you are not registered to vote, we can help you register to vote. If you are unsure of where your polling location is, we can help you know where your voting location is located.
Mike Andrade has been working hard his entire life. At the young age of thirteen, he wanted to help his community; alongside his father, he got involved in his first political campaign. That sparked a fire in him to become very involved in his community. He since has helped in his region and beyond with some projects reaching many parts of the world. Mike is committed to helping our communities.
Mike Andrade is a proud family man and entrepreneur. He is married to his wife of nineteen years, Jackie, and he is a proud father to his son, Caleb. The Andrade family also has a beloved Shitzu named Oddie. Mike and his family reside in Munster, Indiana, where Mike runs his own successful small business in real estate. Being involved in real estate, Mike Andrade has learned first hand how to have a vision and see what needs to get done, meet budget, meet deadlines, as well as get others to work together, all while improving the projects around him in his community. Mike has been working to help working families to be able to purchase affordable housing. Mike Andrade is ready to be your voice downstate, and work for you.

Vote Mike Andrade for State Representative for District 12 on November 3rd for “A Vision That Works.”

Contribute to #Andrade2020.